… and I’m moved.


I’m semi-moved in to Syracuse, NY now, using the library’s internet.  I will do my best to spend as much time in the library as possible.  Although there’re some things I can’t do at the library:

1. Get on IM.  I can probably Google talk, though, if you’ve got my email.

2. Watch baseball on MLB.TV.  Which is too bad, because my Red Sox are playing the (somehow) contending Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays.

3. Check out the new site advertising on 55aday: Penis Reduction Pills. Anyone wanna tell me if that’s a cool site or not? Sounds like a parody site? Lemme know, someone who can access NSFW things.

But at least I can update 55aday and this blog. And add links to our regular bloggers’ projects, over there in the right. External links to come sometime, as well as maybe blogger profiles. And I’m planning a post about some story ideas soon, and some news about some stories that could be appearing somewhere else woo.


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2 Responses to “… and I’m moved.”

  1. gryfft Says:

    1. Meebo.com
    2. Google video?
    3. They send you large, prominently marked boxes that say “PENIS REDUCTION PILLS.” When people see the huge boxes of penis reduction pills, they will surmise that your schlong is huge.

    Thanks for updating the “our projects” thing.

  2. annoying Says:

    PLACEBO PILLS, you mean. Yeah, it’s on (or was recently if it isn’t now) one of AE’s sites. I believe they’re guaranteed to have no effect whatsoever, except for the inexplicable placebo effect.

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