Searches That Led People To 55aday


These are internet searches that led to 55aday:

I. There are the ones that clearly found specific stories, probably by accident:

1. “culture clash short stories”
2. “most disturbing fetish”
3. “bored of the flies”
4. “novelty toaster”
5. “east west culture”
6. “lenny bruce is not afraid”

There are the searches that found us thanks to my “short stories for short people” subtitle.

1. “rhymes about short people”
2. “short story to the people”
3. “short story scared”

III. And last but not least, in its own category:

1. “his dick was tiny”

I hope that brightened your day as much as it did mine.

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One Response to “Searches That Led People To 55aday”

  1. Sebatinsky Says:

    Well, it WAS tiny.

    That’s all I have to say about that.

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