Finally Updating 55aday


So I finally got back to updating 55aday.

I feel pretty good about that, even though I really should be doing other things.

The worst part of my three-month lapse in updating is that I lost the goodwill of a lot of my writers. I don’t really care about how much 55aday is read so much as I care about how many submissions I get. I like getting stories in my inbox, feeling like they’re both for me personally and, even better, that I get to show them to the world and take kind of partial credit for them. I like feeling as if people wouldn’t necessarily be writing these stories if they hadn’t come across my website, and that makes me feel all special-like. Like I’m actually doing something good in the world, even if it’s… small. 55 words, small. Still!

So probably losing stories from people hurts. I don’t know if everyone who used to be regular writers will be back, and who knows how many people came to the site, saw that it wasn’t being updated, and were discouraged from writing their own.

But! We’re back now, and not only do we have some good stories (both from the backlog and recently sent!) from oldtimers Jackson Ferrell, Gavin Williams, Jessie Erin, KrystalMia, and Sonja Nitschke, but we have some good new writers in Mari Ness, Andrew Buford, Choclo the Man, and Eric Blair. And Ms. Ness has sent us plenty of traffic through her blog; apparently she’s got some good work in several different publications, a list of which you can find here.

And so finally: if you’re a previous 55aday writer, please send me more! (I’ll probably do an email to people who used to write for us and beg for more, I’m thinking.) And if you’re reading this and somehow didn’t come from 55aday: check the site out and submit a story today. You won’t regret it. (Unless you do.)

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