Today I insisted that Ari and I go to the zoo despite the fact that neither of us are 10.  We saw anteaters.  They looked like aliens.  Really, if you showed me an anteater, and I didn’t know anteaters existed, and you told me it was an alien, I might believe you.  Of course, if you just randomly showed me an anteater, that would mean you had this random anteater at your disposal, and I mean that would be pretty awesome.  I mean, my mom has a lot of cats, but I think anteaters pretty much beat out cats for being awesome.  Discussion question:  How many cats would you have to have for their collective awesomeness to equal the awesomeness of a single anteater?


Also, the wikipedia article on flamingos is not that great as far as I’m concerned.

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One Response to “Anteater”

  1. annoying Says:

    I don’t know. It depends on what kind of cats, domestic or wild. And calico cats are pretty awesome, three colors and all. There are also these weird looking cats that look like drown rats. I don’t know that they are awesome, but they are at least another example of a kind of cat. I like cats so I’d probably go with a lower number than someone who didn’t like them. I guess I’ll go with a litter or two of cats. Maybe a dozen; no more than a score.

    But, if you’re talking about LOLCATS, it would take a lot of them to even approach the awesomeness of an anteater.

    There’s also a song about “three cool cats“; they might be as awesome as an anteater.

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