Transcript from a recording


New York, NY  July,1997  Interview with “Bette Slattery”

Excuse me, Ma’am?

Yeah, hey… what?

We’re… excuse me, we’re doing interviews for KPNY, can we get your thoughts on all this?

Oh my god yes absolutely sure just a second. Is- Are we-

We’re live ma’am, just go ahead.

Yes absolutely. (clears throat) The sheer scale of this is just staggering- I mean, like, just to express all this is to compress all the hope and wonder and terror and xenophobia of, like, the whole human race into a few sentences, it’s just-

Do you think the aliens plan to attack or-

Goddamn it, see, yes, that’s what I am talking about. We’re nothing, we’re cosmically nothing compared to the fucking universe-

Aw- You caught that Scott? Ma’am, we’re live, you can’t-

-and the first thing you xenophobic muckrakers think of is whether they traveled hundreds of lightyears to attack. That’s not how it works, that’s not how societies or the universe operates- the race in the craft above our heads is hundreds if not thousands of years more advanced than we can imagine, we have nothing they would possibly want- would you travel to a desert island to shoot a pygmy? If their civilization is enlighte-

Right, thank you very much for your thoughts-

We could wind up in an interplanetary war because of you xenophobic fucks! You fear what you don’t understand-

(waves cameraman away, gestures ‘kill’ signal)

(off camera, hard to make out) And I’ll tell you again- yes, I know… (laughing) thanks, we have to have some kind of-

Recording ends

Miss Slattery and an estimated five hundred thousand others were killed in the New York attacks in July of 1997.


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