So I think there oughtta be a detective story (if there isn’t already) in which the “detective” is the head of Human Resources of a big corporation.  His job officially is to research the backgrounds of prospective employees, but unofficially they also have him researching current employees.  He’s the head of his department because he excels at researching people, not just through the web, as many others in his profession do, but with some genuine old school detective work.

Then, during a routine background check, he discovers… something.  Of course, my problem is that I have no something.

The idea of a corporate HR detective is appealing to me.  It used to be something done a lot more, back in the earlier 20th century.  And with the rise of the internet it’s something that’s reportedly being done a lot more often, with people losing their jobs over Facebook pictures and such.

Anyway, just an idea, one I’ll probably never do.

Maybe when I’m unemployed, as I’ll be at the end of this month…


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