May The Great Uncaring Nothingness Smile Upon You



I figure I should be writing a page a day, at least. If I’m serious, that is. About this writing thing and all.

A page a day is seven pages a week. That’s thirty pages a month, and three hundred sixty pages in a year. I think I’d be happy to write three hundred pages in the course of a year. Part of the problem, of course, is that I’m terrible at designing things from the top down. My writing style largely depends on stream-of-consciousness and editing. When I work out an outline for something, it’s difficult to focus on it- perhaps because I already know how it’ll end.

My writing process stemmed directly from my reading process, really. I used to read a lot, and eventually I got started writing- and once I get started, it’s as if I’m reading a book out of my head that is only revealed to me dimly until the white on the page is pulled away to reveal what it is I’ve thought of.

The whole Tom Bleakly thing is sort of an experiment in a  few dimensions. I don’t think I’ll pursue it in the direction I intended until I have a lot more done, a lot more resolve, and a lot more input on it. The key to consistent work is perseverance, and that’s a quality I need to build in myself. Heck, if I can make myself capable of consistent output, I can drive a team.

My problem with teamwork in the past has been my failure as a driving force… and that’s the thing about those driving forces. They’re rare, and people with the perseverance to push on through tend to work on their own when others are unavailable and start leaving behind those who can only supply inconsistent and occasional insight.

This blog may get crappy for a while with all my stream-of-consciousness and random bits of writing. If you don’t like it Carl, interrupt me with something better. In the meantime I suppose I’ll flesh out my character Tom Bleakly and, if I get the motivation, my ol’ X/Y universe story, which needs a better name. Hell, Bleakly needs a name for his adventure… but I’ll think of it once I have more done.

A revoir.


One Response to “May The Great Uncaring Nothingness Smile Upon You”

  1. Edward Says:

    I love this post. I hardly manage 400 words never less a page a day. Keep up the good work. 🙂


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